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Now available for pre-order.  We are offering a way for farmers, restaurants, and food enthusiasts to complete the full cycle of life for your food.  These shipping containers are built to custom specifications for your growing needs.  You will be surrounded by growers, in a first-ever co-op farm for hydroponics here in Chicago.  Renting a shipping containers garden will allow you to grow anything you want and allow for full autonomy of your personal well-being.  Email below and see how you can start renting your shipping container, and begin growing your products.

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Shaping the Future of Farming

Reasons for Staying Ahead of Competition

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Organic Crops

There is only one way to be sure what was used in your meal, and that's to make it yourself.  These Farms allow for you to take control of your crops and assure no pesticides and fertilizers are used to contaminate your crop.

Green Gowing

This self contained operation allows for minimum use of water, electricity, and promotes clean ways to cultivate your crops far more efficiently then any traditional farming operation.

Perfect Product

The controlled environment gives the farmer perfect crops.  No bugs eating your plants, pesticides, and fertilizers changing the taste and contaminating foods will never be an issue.  Your end product will be untouched and a perfect plant without blemishes for weather and insects

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Why Farm

Jump the gap to Farming your Food

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Chefs and restaurant owners are proud to know their farmers and to be assured by visiting farms that the product is locally sourced and clean.  Green city farms allows the Chef to be the farmer.  You can now say, "We grew this ourselves" ushering in a new wave of Farming Chefs.  Allowing for synergy of restaurant and Farms.


Many families are looking for better ways to defend their loved ones from E. coli, pesticides, and containments that they are feeding their children.  Farmers will be able to be hired for subscription base deliveries and assure they are getting the best produce available.  Safe from pesticides and containments from dirty farm runoffs.

Hanging Herbs


Florists can start taking the flowers by the thorns.  These boxes will allow for city folk to get their hand in the creation of beautiful growth and allow the profits to grow from their own creations.


Simply become a Farmer, these shipping containers allowing for growers to focus their time at the farmers market and the sale of their product.  With automation and the design of the shipping containers the labor is very minimal and allows for your profits to be grown from nothing.

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Come on Down to the Farm!

Want to learn more about our farm and plan a visit? Get in touch and request info about getting a custom made hydroponic container for rent!!

2233 W Fulton St
Chicago, 60612

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